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Why should we, the Scots, be so passionate about Golf?

Why should we, the Scots, be so passionate about Golf?

Being a professional golfer, from the home of golf, of course I fully support the industry and efforts made to improve it. I have travelled the world playing golf in a professional capacity, representing my country.

I can tell you wholeheartedly that there is no comparable feeling to teeing off on a golf course in Scotland, upon returning from playing abroad. Whether it be the wind in your face, or the rain on your back, you know by the way the ball bounces on the fairway you are playing in the home of golf, Scotland.

The global tourism market for golf is huge, as a country we need to make sure that the world knows exactly what we have on offer to welcome them to. For this reason, I believe that Scottish Golf Tourism week is one of the most important weeks in the golfing calendar.

The familiarisation trips that have taken place have given an insight to how hospitable and welcoming we are as a nation, it can be the smallest thing we do for a tourist that leaves them wanting to come back. As Malcolm Rougheadwrote last week, we want people ranting and raving about their experiences!

The business meetings taking place are invaluable. The conference organisers have arranged over 3,500 meetings over the week. If you think about it, the reach of this conference to other businesses and golf operators must be tenfold.

I have been following SGTW on their build up to the conference this week on social channels, and I believe the event will go from strength to strength in years to come.

Marc Warren

By Marc Warren,
Scottish professional golfer



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